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Record high in electricity from wind power – thanks to storm Zoltan

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Renewable energy

Dec 22, 2023

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The current storm is causing record energy feed-ins from wind power.

Record high in electricity from wind power - thanks to storm Zoltan | 119829358 scaled 313x0 c default
Dark skies, rosy times for wind turbine operators.

Photo: Stiop

Storm Zoltan is hitting Germany with full force and has already caused considerable damage. But it also drives the wind turbines, especially in northern Germany. According to information from the European Energy Exchange, December 21st was already the date Day with the highest electricity feed-in from wind power ever. Around 53 MW were registered within one day. For comparison: the previous record, which also dates back to this year and was achieved in January, was just 50.8 MW.

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Other European countries also reported, according to the Bloomberg news service Maximum values. The record that has just been set for Germany is likely to be surpassed today. If “Zoltan” peaks during the day, experts believe 58,595 MW is possible.

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