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Sam Altman fired from OpenAI – moves to Microsoft

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“Father” by ChatGPT

Nov 20, 2023

Dominik Hochwarth

At OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT, chaos reigns. On Friday, boss Sam Altman was fired. The biggest donors wanted him to return, but the quick return failed on Sunday. On Monday it was announced that the “father” of ChatGPT was moving to Microsoft.

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Sam Altman was basically the father of ChatGPT and the figurehead of OpenAI, now he is moving to Microsoft.
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Conditions are currently chaotic at OpenAI: The previous boss, Sam Altman, was fired on Friday, but was due to return to his position on Sunday due to pressure from investors. Altman was also in his old office with a guest pass, but things turned out completely differently. After technology boss Mira Murati took over the top job on Friday, Emmett Shear has been the new interim CEO since late Sunday evening. He previously worked as CEO at Twitch. Nothing came of the quick return. But Altman didn’t stay out of work for long; on Monday, Microsoft boss Satya Nadella announced on the short message service X that the ex-head of OpenAI would be moving to Microsoft.

The board of directors had withdrawn confidence in Altman

OpenAI’s board of directors unexpectedly withdrew confidence in Sam Altman on Friday. The reason for this was an alleged lack of sincerity in his communication with the committee. Altman, 38, was the prominent face of OpenAI and symbolized the boom in artificial intelligence.

Reports suggest that internal disagreements over the company’s direction led to his dismissal. Some OpenAI executives felt that Altman was pushing AI software development too fast and taking too commercial an approach. They were able to convince the majority of the board of directors to agree with their view. Mira Murati, the technology director, took interim leadership.

ChatGPT now also knows current topics

However, Murati did not hold this position for long because some employees threatened to quit. Then on Sunday Altman suddenly appeared in his office again. He posted a selfie from the Open AI offices holding a guest badge as the board considers its next move.

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