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The federal government is relying on a German solution for clouds

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Management of sensitive data

Apr 02, 2024

By Dominik Hochwarth

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Cloud solutions often come from US providers. The federal government has now chosen a German provider to manage particularly sensitive data.

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The federal administration has chosen a German provider to secure particularly sensitive data in the cloud.
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Ionos, a leading cloud service provider from Germany, recently received a major order from the German federal administration to develop a highly secure cloud computing solution. As the company announced on Tuesday in Karlsruhe, the investment volume amounts to up to €410 million.

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The specially designed “Private Enterprise Cloud” was certified by the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) and is intended to be used in the facilities of the Federal Information Technology Center (ITZBund). A special feature of Ionos’ cloud solution is its isolation from the public Internet, a security principle known as “air gapping”.

The computers are physically isolated from external networks, which makes access to sensitive data significantly more difficult. For necessary software updates, portable storage media are used instead of direct network connections.

Access via specially secured data networks

Users from the federal administration can access this “private cloud” via particularly secured and isolated data networks, which further increases security. The cloud platform supports more than 1,000 specialist applications from the federal administration, including the driving fitness register of the Federal Motor Transport Authority in Flensburg and the administration of federal training funding (BAfög).

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