Sunday, March 26, 2023


Peugeot, 508 product family test drive event held: Biz N

Hanbul Motors announced on the 15th that it would hold a nationwide test drive event (winter drive campaign) for the Peugeot 508...

Tata Daewoo to launch new mid-to-large trucks next year: Biz N

Tata Daewoo Commercial Motors announced on the 16th that it will reorganize its entire truck lineup next year.First of all, Tata Daewoo...

Eco-friendly vehicle registration increase this year, ahead of internal combustion engine vehicles ‘Golden Cross’: Biz N

When 'electric-hydrogen-hybrid' increases by 270,000 units, 'gasoline-diesel-LPG' increases by 160,000 unitsCarbon regulation - urea avalanche - supply of eco-friendly vehicles due to...

Ioniq 5·GV70 expected to win ‘North American Car of the Year’… Santa Cruz also final competition: Biz N

Hyundai Ioniq, Santa Cruz and Genesis GV70 survived to the end of the '2022 North American Car of the Year' competition. ...

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