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Ceo of Alfa Romeo: Imparato relies on margin

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The task of bringing Alfa Romeo back to its former glory was one of the most difficult in the automotive industry at the moment. The sporty Italian brand is a far cry from its earlier strke. At the moment, there are exactly two models with the mid-size sedan Giulia and the SUV Stelvio. With the Tonale, Alfa is finally launching a compact SUV on the market in the summer to boost sales. At the same time, it is the first Alfa model to be available at least with a plug-in hybrid drive. Unlike the competition, customers must continue to wait for a pure electric car.

In an interview with our sister brand Automotive News Europe, CEO Jean-Philippe Imparato revealed more about his strategy. As a result, his main goal is not more sales, but more margin. He wants to offer the cars more expensive and get back to a level with BMW, whose competition Alfa was earlier. In the coming years, there will be a new model every year, from 2027 Alfa will be purely electric. An ambitious goal, even with a group like Stellantis in the Rcken, after all, the brand will not bring its first vehicle with plug-in hybrid drive until the summer. In two years, the first model is to come, which will also be available with a pure electric drive. It is expected to be a small SUV. The first model, which will only be available as an electric car, will start in 2025.

On the other hand, Alfa will not participate in the second major trend of the present, networking: “I don’t want to sell an iPad with a car around it,” Imparato said in November. If the brand earns significantly more money than it does today, he wants to bring more models, for example, he can well imagine a new edition of the GTV. Unlike a compact SUV, this would not drive the sales figures into the Hhe, but it would contribute to the image of the brand, as the 4C did until recently.

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