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Apple | Apple MacBook Pro: First touch bar model lands on the vintage list | macbook

The MacBook Pro is still available today with a touch bar (Image: Apple)
The MacBook Pro is still available today with a touch bar (Image: Apple)

In addition to several iMacs and a generation of the MacBook Air, the first generation of the MacBook Pro with the touch bar recently landed on the manufacturer’s vintage list. This has no impact on update support for the time being, but could mean problems with spare parts.

While Apple also significantly revised the design with its first M1 generation of the MacBook Pro, the first MacBook Pro with a touch bar from 2016 now joins the manufacturer’s vintage list. This usually happens at Apple 5 years after a device goes on sale. Accordingly, in addition to the 13 and 15 inch models of the MacBook Pro, the iMac Late 2015 with 21.5 inches and 27 inches is also on the list.

Although this initially has no effect on further update support for the notebooks, it could become apparent in the near future that spare parts and repairs might no longer be available. At the same time, the design of the notebook continues to this day in the form of the MacBook Pro M2 (current for 1449 euros on Amazon) continued to produce.

In 2016, the then MacBook Pro with touch bar was able to convince us with its new case, the good screen and the large touchpad. Unfortunately, the device’s keyboard has proven to be a weak point over time, which has made itself felt, among other things, in the fact that Apple has meanwhile returned to the old scissor technology. Unfortunately, the software support for the then new touch bar has hardly improved over time, which was also largely scrapped with the M1 generation.

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