Monday, August 15, 2022

Apple | Eizo CS2740 and MacBook Pro 2021 problems | macbook


I hope someone here can help me:) I am currently totally unsure and think I have a connection error somewhere, but not enough knowledge.

my gear
MacBook Pro
2021/Apple M1 Pro/32GB



Connection via USB-C to DisplayPort
Signal input area automatic
Usage: Image editing

I’m a bit desperate for the correct calibration or the correct connection of both devices.
In the case of images with a large amount of black, something is wrong with the display, it looks very flat and the contrast is not right, if I change the input area to 109% white (limited), then black really looks black again, but the displayed contrast is way too high high and therefore the dark areas too dark. On the monitor it looks good to the eye, but from the print you can clearly see that it can’t be right on the monitor. The images then come out of the print with too little contrast.

In addition, the symbol always turns red directly in Color Navigator, which actually means that something is wrong, but it only goes away if the input area is set to automatic.


Please excuse me if any information is missing, I’m a bit overwhelmed with the technology.
Does anyone have any experience or advice for me?


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