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Apple | MacBook Pro 2023: Apple’s M2 Pro and M2 Max make their debut | macbook


Apple has revised the MacBook Pro with a 14″ and 16″ screen: The new model series promise more performance with the M2 Pro and M2 Max chips – especially in the graphics area, as the manufacturer announced on Tuesday. In contrast to the predecessor SoCs (system-on-chip), the M2 Pro and M2 Max rely on a combination of eight performance cores and now four efficiency cores, the latter are supposed to do tasks economically. The M2 Pro is also available as an entry-level variant with 10 instead of 12 cores.


Up to 19 shader cores are used in the integrated graphics unit, Apple emphasized, and a configuration with up to 38 shader clusters is even possible in the M2 Max. The chips are still manufactured with a structure width of 5 nanometers, but the M2 Pro has almost 20 percent more transistors, according to the company. The memory bandwidth remains unchanged from its predecessors at 200 GB/s (M2 Pro) and 400 GB/s for the M2 Max. The latter now supports up to 96 GB of RAM for the first time. With the new chips, Apple promises processor performance increased by around 20 percent in terms of multithreading and graphics performance increased by 30 percent.

The Neural Engine, which is specially integrated for machine learning tasks, is also said to work 40 percent faster. Apple also mentions improvements in the in-house image signal processor and a new generation of the “Secure Enclave”. The security co-processor protects user data, among other things.

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Apple’s “spec sheet” for the new M2 Max.

(Image: Apple)

Just like the iPad Pro 2022, the new MacBook Pros with support for WLAN 6E can use the 6 GHz band for the first time if the router can also do this. Another new feature is that it should be possible to connect 8K monitors (up to 60 Hertz) and 4K monitors with up to 240 Hertz via HDMI.

According to Apple, the battery in the new MacBook Pros lasts around an hour longer than its predecessors. The manufacturer now speaks of up to 18 hours for the 14″ model and up to 22 hours for the 16″ MacBook Pro.

The new MacBook Pro can already be ordered, and delivery should start parallel to the start of sales on January 24th.

As with the iPhone 14 and the latest iPads, the prices for the MacBook Pro are increasing significantly, at least in Europe. The entry-level price for the 14″ basic model is now 2400 euros, 150 euros more than the predecessor with the M1 Pro. With the M2 Max, the entry-level price is just under 3470 euros.

The large 16-inch model is available with M2 Pro from 3000 euros and is therefore 250 euros more expensive than the previous variant. In the maximum configuration with M2 Max, 96 GB RAM and 8 TB SSD, the price of the 16″ MacBook Pro increases to just under 7600 euros.

Apple launched the MacBook Pro in autumn 2021 in a new design. It marked a reversal: the manufacturer brought back deleted ports, from MagSafe to HDMI to an SD card slot. Hardware function keys (full-height) also supplanted the unpopular Touch Bar.

The screens apparently remain unchanged: The new MacBook Pro is still equipped with an LC display with mini-LEDs that can be dimmed zone by zone – and can therefore also play back HDR content. Apple promises a peak brightness of up to 1600 nits (candelas/m²) and up to around 500 nits in normal operation. macOS can dynamically adjust the refresh rate, it goes up to 120 Hertz. The display has a prominent notch that Apple defended against criticism after it was introduced. Most users are now likely to notice them just as seldom as with the iPhone. The facial recognition Face ID is still missing on the Mac.

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