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Apple | MacBook Pro suddenly stopped charging: macOS 12.4 suspected | macbook

Since the release of macOS Monterey 12.4, there have been increasing reports of an unexpected charging stop for MacBooks: The problem usually occurs when the Apple notebook has been running on battery power for a long time and is then connected to the power supply. The loading process then no longer starts, as users describe in various forums, including Apple’s support forum. Unplugging and plugging in the charging cable again or replacing the cable does not fix the error.


The problem shows up both when charging via USB-C and via MagSafe, and in individual cases apparently also occurs when the MacBook Pro is left connected to the power adapter for a long time – it then suddenly stops charging and the battery slowly runs out. The charging light of the MagSafe 3 connector falsely signals the normal charging process, write individual users.

The charging problems seem to affect almost exclusively models of the MacBook Pro series with 14″ and 16″ displays, which will be completely relaunched in autumn 2021, as well as Apple’s M1 Pro and M1 Max. The loading error has not yet been observed on a MacBook Air M1 from the Mac & i editorial team. In addition to the charging stop, other impairments of the USB-C ports appear to occur, so there are also difficulties when connecting external monitors.


macOS 12.4 has been available for download for a good four weeks now, and the number of problem reports has been increasing slowly but steadily since then. How many users of the MacBook model series are ultimately affected remains open.

The only reliable workaround is a restart, then loading works again – but usually only temporarily. A special procedure for resetting the System Management Controller (SMC), which regulates the power supply, among other things, no longer exists on MacBooks with an Apple chip; these devices only have to be restarted. The new MacBook Pro model series already had charging problems at the beginning, which Apple was able to fix with a software update at the time.

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