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Apple | Memory expansion JetDrive Lite 330 for MacBook Pro 2021 available › | macbook

Transcend offers its new expansion card JetDrive Lite 330 now also in Germany. The memory expansion tailored to the new MacBook Pro models can be at a price of 214.62 euros order with 1 TB size. Comparatively long delivery times are currently mentioned, but availability should improve in the near future.

Jetdrive Lite 330

Convenient but slow

According to the technical data published by Transcend, the memory expansion can also be used with the new MacBook Pro models with 14 and 16 inch screen sizes. The card finds its place in the card reader slot of the devices and thus also offers the possibility of expanding the memory of existing devices at a later date.


It goes without saying that the access speeds here are nowhere near comparable to the internally installed SSD storage. Transcend states the JetDrive Lite’s maximum read speed of 95 MB/s and maximum write speed of 75 MB/s, but notes that these values ​​can be lower depending on the software used, usage and storage capacity. On the other hand, Apple advertises the current MacBook Pro with read speeds of up to 7.4 GB/s.

jet drive

Memory card as an external hard drive

All in all, Transcend only offers a memory card with its JetDrives, which MacBook owners can then use in the form of an external hard drive. The special thing about this solution is probably primarily the form factor optimized for the respective devices. The cards are tailor-made for the memory card slots of the individual MacBook models and close flush, so that you always have your “external hard drive” at hand, more or less unnoticed. In connection with the special form factor, one can also assume that Transcend pays attention to correspondingly good quality and the associated solid reliability when choosing the integrated memory.

Regardless of the new JetDrive Lite 330, Transcend also offers corresponding storage solutions for many older MacBook models at. Depending on the version and storage space, prices start at around 30 euros.Apple | Memory expansion JetDrive Lite 330 for MacBook Pro 2021 available › | macbook | 165b9735b7d64d61a746191d521e56cb


Product notice

Transcend 1TB JDL330 JetDrive Lite 330 Expansion Card for MacBook Pro 2021 up to 95/75MB/s TS1TJDL330 214.62 euros

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