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Apple | Purchase advice 14″ MacBook Pro with M1 Pro / Max | macbook

Hello, everyone,

I would now finally like to tackle a somewhat larger project for me, namely to replace my entire desk setup. Everything is now 5-15 years old and needs updating. The replacement of my desktop PC is the first construction site I would like to tackle, followed by the others. This thread is now about replacing the desktop PC with a MacBook. The MacBook and no Mac Mini / Mac Studio because I would also like to have a mobile end device and the 14″ MacBook with M1 Pro / Max should also be very powerful.

My requirements for the MacBook are primarily research, Office and watching videos because I am still studying part-time alongside my work. I think that’s all there is. As a balance to work and study, I also play a round of League of Legends from time to time. The question arises whether the MacBook can do this. I’ve already done a little research in this direction and it looks as if the MacBook can do it, but I’d also like ~100 FPS in League of Legends because my current PC already makes 120 and I don’t do that, if possible, or not big ones want to make compromises. Some videos here show >100 FPS from the MacBook and others only manage ~50. So I’m not sure if Apple has improved something here or what the cause is (I think the same MacBook specs were used for the videos). The last essential requirement I have is that photography and video editing have been appealing to me for quite some time and I am considering getting a taste of this area (at first as a hobby). A suitable camera is also missing for this… :d

In essence, the MacBook is used 80% at the desk and should in future control the remaining peripherals with USB-C or a docking station. I would still like to enjoy the mobility of the 14″ in order to take it comfortably on the trip / sofa (since this has about as much power as the 16″ in the respective equipment anyway). Research is done on the MacBook, videos are watched, League of Legends is played (preferably >100 FPS?) and, in the future, video editing or photo editing is done.

Is an M1 Pro enough for this? If so, the basic equipment (which, according to reports, is already very strong) or rather a 10 core CPU and 16 GPU? How much RAM would make sense? Is 16 enough or would you rather upgrade to 32 at great expense? Does it have to be an M1 Max? Of course, I would like to keep the budget for this quite low because the other things on the desk should also get an upgrade in the next few weeks / months.

Best regards

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