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Iphone 14 | Apple: iPhone 14 could be delayed – but why? | apple iphone

Over the past two years, the electronics industry has been struggling with an increasing number of failures. There were massive delivery bottlenecks, especially since the global shortage of chips was severely affecting the industry. So that these difficulties do not repeat themselves, the iDPBG division of the Apple supplier Foxconn in Zhengzhou, the capital of the Chinese province of Henan, is said to have started a hiring offensive.

iPhone 14: Worries are not over yet

New Foxconn personnel are to be rewarded in the region with a hiring bonus that has been increased by a good 30 percent. Citing the company itself reported the Taiwanese newspaper United Daily News the global inflationary pressure is currently leading to immense difficulties in production.

In addition, there is the fact that entire cities in China are still being locked down due to the corona pandemic. Therefore, many factories that would otherwise manufacture the necessary hardware for the iPhone 14 and its companion models are also closed.


What’s changing at Foxconn?

So far, the supplier had limited the search for personnel in Zhengzhou to locals. They were rewarded with a bonus equivalent to around 926 euros. Due to the time pressure in chip production, the company has increased the bonus to a good 1,211 euros.

The aim is to enable smooth delivery for the market launch of the iPhone 14 in autumn 2022. So far, however, the group has not announced how many new employees it needs for this project. It remains to be seen if everything will work out or the pandemic will throw a spanner in the works for Apple and Foxconn.

It already seems certain that the inflationary pressure is not only causing difficulties for production. It could also affect the prices of the iPhone 14 series in Europe.

Source: United Daily News


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