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Iphone 14 | Apple update solves iPhone 14 Pro issues earlier than expected | apple iphone

The sales launch of the iPhone 14 and 14 Pro this year was marked by various problems. In addition to difficulties in activating some Apple apps, the camera in third-party applications also frustrated the new owners. There are also annoying popups when pasting copied texts, which affect all devices with iOS 16. Apple now wants to fix all these problems with the update to iOS 16.0.2.

iOS 16.0.2: Not only helpful for the iPhone 14 Pro

Actually, Apple had initially opposed MacRumors said that the update shouldn’t appear until next week. A few hours ago, the California company caused a surprise and released the new software much earlier.

Unlike iOS 16.0.1, the update now available is available for all iPhones compatible with iOS 16. It not only fixes the “shaky camera” of the iPhone 14 Pro in various apps such as Instagram or TikTok. The integrated camera app was not affected. Therefore, it quickly became clear that it was a problem that could be solved by software. In some cases, however, the error later caused a hardware problem so that the camera could no longer focus correctly. The only solution here is to repair or replace the smartphone.

According to Apple it is also intended to eliminate the repeated warnings when copying and pasting content. This doesn’t just affect the iPhone 14 or 14 Pro. Another error that could cause the display to remain black when setting up an iPhone should also be a thing of the past. Owners of an iPhone X, iPhone XR or iPhone 11 with a repaired screen that no longer responded to touch inputs can also look forward to iOS 16.0.2. These bugs should also be fixed.

As usual, iOS 16.0.2 can now be installed via the integrated software update function. You can find this under Settings > General > Software update.

Iphone 14 | Apple update solves iPhone 14 Pro issues earlier than expected | apple iphone | 8ca04c1d2cbf41f8885a75518f32cdf6

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