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Iphone 14 | Briefly informed: car theft, lignite, iPhone 14 Pro, Google | apple iphone

Security researchers from Yuga Labs were able to open and start various car models with comparatively little effort. The smart vehicle platform from SiriusXM served as a starting point. It is to be used in 12 million connected cars worldwide, including models from BMW, Honda, Rover and Toyota. Here, the researchers only had to send HTTP requests with the vehicle identification number to the endpoint. This number can be read from the outside through the windscreen on many models. According to their own statements, they obtained personal data from the vehicle owner, such as name and telephone number. The researchers explain that they can open, start and stop cars affected by the access. It is still unknown when the manufacturers will solve the security problems.


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The Bundestag has decided to bring forward the phase-out of lignite-fired power generation in the Rhenish mining area to 2030. So far, it was planned to reduce the installed power plant capacities for lignite to 0 gigawatts by the end of 2038 at the latest. A resolution was also adopted, according to which the federal government should adapt the legal framework for accelerated structural change and the planned financial aid for investments in this legislative period.

Iphone 14 | Briefly informed: car theft, lignite, iPhone 14 Pro, Google | apple iphone | svg%3E

Iphone 14 | Briefly informed: car theft, lignite, iPhone 14 Pro, Google | apple iphone | kurzinformiert 78cccdc9dd0bbc77

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Following heavy popular protests in many Chinese cities against the government’s zero-COVID policy, Beijing has begun to relax its virus protection measures. The city of Zhengzhou in the Henan region with 12 million inhabitants, which houses the largest iPhone factory in the world, is also affected, according to media reports. Apple is particularly affected by the city’s lockdown because it is the only location for the production of the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max so far. These are the most requested iPhone models this year.

In a dispute with the EU over illegal market power in Android, Google will go to the highest European court, the European Court of Justice. In September, the court of the European Union set the fine against Google at 4.125 billion euros – and thus reduced it, but upheld the basic charge in its decision. Specifically, it was about the compulsion to have to accommodate Google services as apps if hardware manufacturers wanted to use the operating system.


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