Samsung is following suit: The Galaxy S23 is to use a function that Apple has already installed in the iPhone 14. Compared to the competition, however, the range of functions has been significantly expanded.


The Galaxy S23 will be launched in a few weeks. According to current rumors, the South Korean company’s new high-end smartphone, including the Plus and Ultra versions, will be presented at the end of January 2023. Part of the presentation could then also be a feature that Apple has shown off with the iPhone 14: satellite communications.


Samsung Galaxy S23 should enable satellite communication

According to South Korean media reports, the Galaxy S23 series should also master the technology and enable satellite communication (via SamMobile). Samsung is said to be working with Iridium on this – a US company that 66 satellites in low earth orbit operates. Anyone who thinks that Samsung is simply stealing a practical feature from the iPhone 14 is doubly wrong.

On the one hand, the electronics group has been working on bringing satellite communication to its smartphones for two years. On the other hand, the range of functions should be larger compared to the iPhone 14. While the latest generation of the cult cell phone can only make emergency calls via satellite, the Galaxy S23 should too Send text messages and low-resolution images via satellite. Samsung could clearly set itself apart with this.

Samsung is introducing these features with Android 13 and One UI 5:

Does Samsung save on the standard model?

However, the rumored satellite communication could be one of the few improvements of the Galaxy S23. Because according to older rumors, there should be some savings measures for the standard model. These include a worse vibration motor and thicker screen edges. That should push the price down.