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Iphone 14 | Google Pixel 7 Pro vs Xiaomi 12S Ultra vs Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max | apple iphone

According to the first major tests, Google offers the best mobile phone camera on the market with the Pixel 7 Pro. Nevertheless, it is worth taking a look at other direct comparisons with the competition.

This time the colleague from “ben’s gadget reviews” made a comparison with Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max and Xiaomi 12S Ultra to compare the cameras of the devices. What is particularly exciting here is that Google regulates a lot via the software, while the Xiaomi device comes with a very large image sensor.

Google relies more on software, Xiaomi offers the craziest hardware

During the day most high-end cameras can really deliver and the differences are in the details. This comparison in particular shows that the Google smartphone looks very balanced, while the photos from Xiaomi are oversaturated. Above all, Google can digitally compensate for what the Xiaomi phone has in terms of hardware at night.

Take a look for yourself:

Another detailed comparison with the iPhone 14 Pro can be found in the video below, especially with more everyday shots during the day. As is well known, the top models from Apple are often considered the benchmark in the field of cameras.

Google versus Apple: Looking again at the details

And in a third video, the colleague goes into much more detail in order to be able to offer a multi-faceted comparison of Pixel 7 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. This shows again that every phone has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Have you looked at the videos, which of the top models do you think takes the best photos and videos?

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