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Iphone 14 | Impractical and extremely expensive: Caviar plants Rolex’s golden Cosmograph Daytona on iPhone 14 Pro (Max) | apple iphone

If you absolutely don’t know what to do with your money, Caviar once again gives you the opportunity to buy extravagant and exorbitantly expensive iPhones. The well-known refiner came up with the rather absurd idea of ​​planting a Rolex watch on the back of an iPhone.

The well-known Cosmograph Daytona from Rolex is used in the new Daytona model. The watch has a diameter of 40 mm, is made of yellow gold and is set with eight diamonds. It is installed in the middle of the back of a new iPhone 14 Pro (Max).

Not only the Rolex makes the back unique. It is also framed by an instrument panel with speedometer, oil and fuel level and decorative toggle switches, all made of 18K gold. This is intended to give the back of the smartphone the look of a classic racing car like the Blue Bird from Malcolm Campbell’s land speed record in 1933. All of this is housed on a case made of titanium with a black PVD coating, which Rolex uses to produce black dials, cases and bracelets.


A look at the fully packed back leaves doubts that the smartphone is really usable in everyday life. Especially since the whole thing has a really proud price at the end. The iPhone 14 Pro Daytona sells Cavia from 138,280 eurosthe Max model costs a manageable 600 euros more.

If that is too expensive for you, there is also the new Edition Skeleton Booster. On the back there is a skeleton watch in a transparent design paired with black grilles and the cool shine of titanium screws. It’s already starting from 10,240 euros. But here, too, the regular prices of already quite proud 1,299 euros appear for the smallest storage version of the iPhone 14 Pro (e.g. at Amazon) almost like a bargain…

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