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Iphone 14 | iPhone 14: Apple faces a difficult price question | apple iphone

The question of how much the next iPhone will cost is more exciting than it has been in a long time: in times of inflation and supply chain problems, Apple must weigh whether higher costs are passed on to buyers. Or whether, in view of the impending reluctance of buyers, it might not be wiser to sell more devices with less profit. A Korean blogger now claims to have learned that Apple plans to keep the starting price of $799. The decision was made at the highest level in Cupertino, California. Nevertheless, from the outside, the iPhone should be more expensive this year if rumors about the model selection come true.

The starting price refers to the iPhone 13. The smaller iPhone 13 Mini, which is otherwise the same in terms of equipment except for its size, costs 100 euros less – 799 euros. According to the prevailing opinion of analysts, Apple will discontinue the mini model with the iPhone 14. The reason is that the Mini sold comparatively poorly. It will be replaced by an iPhone 14 Max, which with a 6.7-inch display is as large as the previous iPhone 13 Pro Max, but the equipment should correspond to the standard model. This Max standard model could cost 100 euros more than the iPhone 14. Thus, the starting price of the current iPhone would effectively increase if the whole line is considered.

Of the korean blogger “yeux1122” has made various predictions in the past. According to Apple blog MacRumors there were some true statements about the iPad Mini 6 before this came out. However, other alleged leaks about an iPad Mini Pro turned out to be false last year. With the current rumor, the blogger relies on sources within a large American financial institution.

From Apple’s point of view, maintaining the starting price would also make sense for other reasons: the standard model of the iPhone should stand out far more clearly from the Pro models in the coming generation than it did with the iPhone 13. In addition to the chip from the previous year (A13), the Speech that the Pro models should have an always-on display, which also differs visually from the standard model in the cutouts for the front camera. As a result, Apple can already produce the standard model more cheaply than before and it would be difficult to communicate to buyers, especially in the year of the changeover, that higher prices are due now of all times.

The decisive point for Cupertino should be the consumer climate. In western countries, consumers are confronted with significantly increasing energy prices, which mainly take effect at the end of the year. Added to this are general price increases, recession and uncertainties.

Another not so well known leaker meanwhile, claims to have insights into the offered color variants of the iPhone 14. As a result, purple could play a big role as a seasonal color this year. In the standard model, the iPhone 14, rosé is to be replaced by purple. Other colors would then be green, blue, black, white and red. Purple should replace the blue tone on the iPhone 14 Pro. The Pro models would then be available in green, purple, silver, gold and graphite colors.

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In spring 2021, Apple also released the iPhone 12 in purple in addition to the series. Overall, the hue was received quite positively by buyers and reviewers.

In addition, Apple is said to improve quick charging a little, from the current 27 watts to up to 30 watts. However, the iPhone only lasts for a while and then levels off again at the previous maximum values.

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