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Iphone 14 | iPhone 14 for 1 euro: Apple novelty with unlimited tariff | apple iphone

Less than two months have passed since the presentation of the Apple iPhone 14, when the following deal makes the hearts of bargain hunters beat faster. COMPUTER BILD has found a bundle where you pay just 1 euro for the iPhone 14. The smartphone is bundled with the 5G tariff “O2 Free Unlimited Max”, which represents the spearhead of the O2 offer as an unlimited tariff. As a result, you do not need to worry about your data consumption, because you have unlimited volume at your disposal. The same applies to calls to all German networks and sending SMS, which are covered by the flat rate. The O2 tariff costs EUR 59.99 per month both here in the bundle and without the device. After a minimum term of two years, the total including the connection fee is 1,479.75 euros, which can be reduced by 100 euros thanks to the switching bonus. If you offset the sum against the recommended retail price for the Apple iPhone 14, you are left with 480.75 euros or around 20 euros per month. Comparable tariff services usually cost significantly more: with Telekom from just under 85 euros, with Vodafone from around 80 euros.

The iPhone 14 bundle in detail

  • Cell Phone: Apple iPhone 14 (128GB)
  • One-time device price: 1 euro
  • Tariff: O2 Free Unlimited Max
  • Network: O2, 5G with up to 500 Mbps
  • Data volume: unlimited
  • Telephone calls, SMS: flat rate
  • Minimum contract period: 24 months
  • Basic fee: 59.99 euros per month
  • Connection price: 39.99 euros
  • Action: 100 euros exchange bonus
  • Delivery: two to three working days



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Assessment: Apple iPhone 14 for only 1 euro

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