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Iphone 14 | iPhone 14: New Apple smartphone should be made of special material | apple iphone

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The two flagship models of the 2022 iPhone generation should have a case made of titanium alloy. If the rumor is true, it would be the first iPhone models made of this material.

Apple will probably use a new material for its 2022 iPhone models. “Macrumors” reports that the housing of the top models of the as yet unnamed generation, which is often referred to as the iPhone 14, is said to be made of a titanium alloy. The housings are to be manufactured exclusively by the Taiwanese electronics manufacturer Foxconn.


If the rumors are confirmed, the 2022 models would be the first iPhones to use titanium in the case. They are currently made of aluminum and steel. However, they would not be the first products in Apple’s line-up to feature titanium. Some models of the Apple Watch Series 6 already have a titanium case. The credit card Apple Card is even made entirely of titanium.

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iPhone 14: Titan offers some advantages

Titanium has some obvious advantages over steel and aluminum. It is significantly lighter than steel but still similarly stable. Compared to aluminium, titanium is twice as strong and only 60 percent heavier. In addition, titanium is less prone to corrosion. But the hardness of the metal is also a challenge. It makes it difficult to produce an attractive looking surface. In addition, titanium is prone to fingerprints.

However, some patent entries from Apple suggest that a solution to these problems has been found. The case is to be provided with a special coating on which fingerprints are less visible. In addition, a special process was developed to give the surface a beautiful look.

iPhone: Major innovations will probably not come until 2022

In general, there are many indications that 2022 will see more innovations for iPhones than the upcoming iPhone 13 generation. Among other things, the front camera should no longer be placed in a notch but in a so-called punch hole. In addition, there should no longer be a small model with a 5.4-inch screen. Instead, two models will have 6.1-inch screens and two others will have 6.7-inch screens. Also, Touch ID could make a return, either as a button on the side or as a sensor under the screen.

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