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Iphone 14 | iPhone 14 Pro fails against Google cell phone – that’s where it fails | apple iphone

In terms of video quality, no competitor has been able to match it iPhone 14 Pro reach the water. But now it seems as if this rather short triumphal march is over. Because a new smartphone from Google tells Apple to fight.

iPhone 14 Pro superseded

The Pixel 7 Pro still struggles with one or the other deficiency. In particular, the immense power consumption causes problems for the device. Compared to its predecessor, however, it brings with it some significant improvements. For example in terms of display technology. The cameras of the new Google flagship are also impressive.

So far, the iPhone 14 Pro has taken first place in DoXMark thanks to its outstanding video quality – at least in this specific segment. A look at the overall camera performance revealed another winner: the Honor Magic4 Ultimate. But he has now been officially replaced.

The camera of the Google Pixel 7 Pro now takes first place in both the global and ultra-premium rankings. It achieved an unprecedented Overall Camera Score of 147.

Criticism of the new Pixel

Despite its record rating, the Pixel 7 Pro does not come off without criticism. The smartphone has DxOMark in the following points according to not too well finished:

  • Underexposure in videos recorded with the main camera in low light
  • slight loss of detail and image noise in the close range of the zoom
  • blurred faces when using the front camera at close range
  • visible image noise in low light conditions
  • short duration of the increase in brightness when shooting outdoors, which affects legibility

Most of these vulnerabilities should be fixable with software updates. Because hardware is by no means everything when it comes to questions relating to the camera. This is shown, for example, by the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. If you go by the technology alone, it would have to put the iPhone 14 Pro far in the shade. However, Apple simply has the better software for image and video processing in particular. It remains to be seen how the competitors will upgrade.

Source: DxOMark

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