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Iphone 14 | iPhone 14 Pro: That’s why you should order it as soon as possible | apple iphone

That iPhone 14 Pro enjoys particular popularity. The same goes for the larger Max model as well. If you want to treat yourself to it this year, you shouldn’t wait too long before deciding to buy it. The reason for this is a warning from Apple.

iPhone 14 Pro: delivery bottlenecks – period not foreseeable

In a press release explained Apple that there will be delivery bottlenecks for the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max in the near future. In Zhengzhou China, where the two smartphones are produced, production can only “temporarily” take place at partial capacity due to another corona lockdown.

The current situation in the manufacturing country China is extremely tense. An increase in corona infections is currently being recorded there, which has not been the case since the spring of this year, explained a feature of the Tagesschau. Again, a zero-Covid policy is being used and attempts are being made to contain the outbreaks as best as possible.

As a result, prospective buyers have to be prepared for “longer waiting times”. So if you still want to secure the top smartphone now, you should find out quickly in your trusted electronics store whether devices are still in stock.

The same applies to online orders

You won’t have much luck online either. If you want to give the iPhone 14 Pro to yourself or someone else for Christmas, you should make the purchase quickly.

Since the announcement only mentions the Pro models, the other models in the lineup do not seem to be affected. Especially the iPhone 14 Plus has become a slow seller anyway. But that too normal iPhone 14 cannot really convince compared to its predecessor.

Source: Apple, Tagesschau

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