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Iphone 14 | Is this what the iPhone 14 looks like? | apple iphone

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apple chat » Is this what the iPhone 14 looks like? | These Macs are coming in 2022 | Interview with battery experts from “AlDente” – NOW in apple fun!

Iphone 14 | Is this what the iPhone 14 looks like? | apple iphone | AP Designs

Why do batteries actually die over time? Yes, actually: We got a battery guy – actually two. We ask them a few questions about smartphone batteries. We’re also talking about the iPhone 14 and various new Macs that may or may not be coming soon.


But first of all, as usual, we want to respond to a few of your letters. We will then address some of the letters in the course of the broadcast.

chapter marks

  • 00:00:00: Intro and gibberish
  • 00:05:00: Listener mail: Big iMac 2022 | iPhone SE 2024 and more | Mac Studio as a server?
  • 00:19:30: iPhone 14 leaks: is the design fixed now?
  • 00:40:00: Sponsor: Interview with battery expert from AlDente (App for better Mac battery)
  • 00:58:30: Mac rumors and M2 news for 2022: This is coming
  • 01:16:45: News and rumors of the week: AirPods, Apple Watch and iPad

With AlDente you get a free tool for your Mac that improves the charging cycles and thus the battery health of your MacBook. You have many setting options and can manually intervene in the loading process of your Mac. With the Pro features you can even use new calibrations and the Sailing Mode. More about this in the apple chat. Here you can download it for free:

→ To AlDente: Free Mac tool for healthier battery


What does the iPhone 14 look like?

A question that is as pointless as it is academic, but which is currently being asked: What does the iPhone 14 Pro look like? It looks… Well, Lukas breaks the naming of the potential new design. Still, it could probably get worse than this, right? Incidentally, notch fans should use the basic version of the iPhone 14.

Mac rumours

Which new MacBooks will Apple present this year? A new MacBook Air is at least expected, but a new MacBook Pro, which isn’t supposed to be so Pro, is still to come – what do you say about that?
The new MacBooks will probably come with the M2 chip and it will be smaller.

The big iMac has meanwhile been discontinued – or has it? Complete guesswork reigns here, time will tell.

What else was there?

Finally, we’ll go into various little things, such as the question of how to get a stuck Apple Watch going again in the future.

And oh yeah, Phil Schiller and Eddy Cue didn’t really want privacy as good as Apple is offering now. Earning money was more important to them. Have I ever said that I’m actually in favor of a planned economy?

With that, I wish you lots of fun listening!

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