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Iphone 14 | Massive development problems: iPhone 14 Pro without a new graphics processor | apple iphone

Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro suffered an “unprecedented” setback as the company was forced to scrap its plans for the new graphics processor, according to a report from The Information.

The iPhone 14 Pro was supposed to get a big upgrade in terms of graphics performance, but Apple’s engineers are said to have been “too ambitious” and added too many new features to the graphics processor, including ray tracing, resulting in unexpectedly high power consumption and battery life issues and the thermal management of the device, the report said.


Because the bug was discovered late in the iPhone 14 Pro’s development cycle, Apple had to resort to the GPU from the A15 Bionic chip from last year’s iPhone 13 lineup, resulting in the iPhone 14 Pro only making minor improvements in graphics performance over previous ones has generations.

Apple’s chip design team has also lost many key people in recent years and has had to deal with interpersonal feuds and litigation with chip startups, the report said.

Nevertheless, the iPhone 14 Pro and the Pro Max became extremely expensive this year, at least in Germany: The iPhone 14 Pro costs 1,300 euros with 128 GB of memory, 1,430 euros with 256 GB and 1,700 euros with 512 GB of memory. The variant with 1 TB of storage comes to 1,950 euros.


The iPhone 14 Pro Max costs 1,450 euros with 128 GB of storage. With 256 GB of memory, 1,580 euros are due and with 512 GB even 1,840 euros. The 1 TB model exceeds the 2,000 euro mark for the first time for an iPhone and costs 2,100 euros.

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Iphone 14 | Massive development problems: iPhone 14 Pro without a new graphics processor | apple iphone | product icon B09G9G128Q

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