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Iphone 14 | No foldable iPhone for now and test production of the iPhone 14 has started | apple iphone

Foldable smartphones, the hot feature that every self-respecting smartphone manufacturer has in their portfolio or at least will have in the near future. Any manufacturer? No, in small Cupertino there is a company that has so far bravely defended itself against the onrushing folding smartphones. Ok sorry, I just got my hands on another Asterix comic. The fact remains, however, that Apple has so far resisted the trend towards foldable smartphones and, according to current reports, will continue to do so for quite a while.

Foldable Mac is a priority

According to a report by DSCC (Display Supply Chain Consultants) analyst Ross Young, Apple has delayed a foldable iPhone until 2025 to first look at the idea of ​​an all-screen foldable MacBook. Apple likes to take its time when it comes to introducing new technologies. This is also the case with the foldable smartphone, which is currently not a priority for Apple.

Apple is currently discussing the possibility of a 20-inch foldable display with suppliers, which will then be used for a completely new line of foldable MacBooks. However, you will also have to be patient here because Ross does not expect such a device to be available until 2026/27 at the earliest.


iPhone 14 goes into test production

Unlike the foldable devices, Apple is already a step ahead when it comes to the iPhone 14, which will be released in September. According to reports, Apple has started test production of the iPhone 14. This means that a small number of devices are produced to test the design and functionality of the device for problems and bugs. This process is also used to determine the company’s production capacity and to establish quality control procedures.

According to rumors, the iPhone 14 will undergo a major redesign in terms of the notch, which will be exchanged for two cutouts. but the volume rocker should also be replaced with round buttons like those used on the iPhone 4.

The biggest change, however, is likely to be the camera module, Apple is said to be eliminating the camera hump and making the device a little thicker. What everyone is curious about is whether it will come true and Apple will say goodbye to the 12MP sensor for the first time with the iPhone 14, at least in the Pro models, and replace it with a 48MP sensor. This would be a real quantum leap in terms of camera and would probably catapult Apple back to first place in terms of image quality.

It will be exciting again what Apple will show us on new devices in the coming months.



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