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In principle, the iPhone 14 Plus offers the same performance as the standard model – but it is slightly larger.
The iPhone 14 is in great demand, especially during Black Week. There are a few things to consider to find the best deal. (icon image) © Apple

Black Friday is fast approaching and the Apple bargain hunters are in the starting blocks. Where can you find the best deals for an iPhone and what should you look out for?

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Munich – The black week is in full swing and the Black Friday is imminent on November 25th. The Day of Discounts is particularly worthwhile for expensive technical products such as laptops or smartphones. Who a new iPhone should keep your eyes open, because one or the other bargain for the otherwise expensive smartphone could actually be hidden in the multitude of offers.

The latest iPhone won’t be out until September Apple appeared, so it is rather unlikely that very large discounts can already be achieved for the iPhone 14 in all its versions. The previous models like the iPhone 13 or SE could be found with good Black Friday deals.


Black Friday Deals: Good deals on iPhone models

The new iPhone 14 with 256 GB costs just over 1200 euros, that iPhone 13 (promotional link) is available with the same equipment from Apple for just under 1000 euros and the iPhone SE for just under 750 euros. In general, the smartphones come in three memory sizes and many different colors, so there is something for everyone.

iPhone 14 for just €1,045

Outside of Black Week, good deals can often be found with telephone providers. Mobile phone contracts can then be concluded there, in which the latest smartphone is included. This is particularly worthwhile for the new iPhone 14, which is expected to be only slightly discounted on Black Friday. With providers like telecomVodafone and Co., however, the device can often be booked for a monthly surcharge on top of the contract.

Black Week: The price comparison is worthwhile with the iPhone 14

In general, you should also make a price comparison between the various sales sites on Black Friday in order to find the best possible deal. stores like Amazon, Saturn and eBay often have similar prices, but not always. Keeping an eye on all retailers and comparing the offers will ultimately lead to the best deal. You should not lose sight of the hidden costs. Shipping, installation or delivery are often charged extra and can quickly ruin even the supposedly best price.

iPhone 14 for just €1,045

Since many different retailers want to get involved in the price war, especially on Black Friday, you should not just click on Order in a hurry. There are many fake shops among the reputable providers where you can quickly lose your money without ever holding a cell phone in your hands. If the only payment method is advance payment, or if the supposed seal of quality on the site does not match a certificate from the operator, caution is advised. It is worth looking twice or choosing your trusted shops in advance and only comparing prices between these retailers.

The best Black Friday deals for iPhones at Amazon

To have a successful Black Friday shopping experience on Amazon, you can follow some tips and tricks. But even before the discount peak on November 25th There are many good discounts to be found on Amazon. (ij)

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