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Iphone 14 | The iPhone 14 Plus worries Apple | apple iphone

The iPhone 14 Plus sells more poorly than well.

The iPhone 14 Plus sells more poorly than well.


The iPhone 14 Plus was a real slow seller right from the start. Even the discarded iPhone 13 Mini was able to show better sales figures at the time of release. As the MacRumors website reported, the smartphone manufacturer is now considering rethinking its product range.

The Plus model is part of the iPhone line-up for the first time this year – replacing the Mini model mentioned above. This still causes a stir in the community to this day, as the iPhone 13 Mini was quite popular.

Our editor Alex is also addicted to the small mobile phone and will not upgrade until further notice.

I'm sticking with the iPhone 12 Mini



iPhone 14

I’m sticking with the iPhone 12 Mini

Apple is reportedly rethinking its product strategy

The iPhone 14 Plus is the cheaper version of the Pro Max and shares the same specs as the smaller standard 6.1-inch model. Only the larger display with 6.7 inches and a long battery life characterize the Plus version.

However, that alone does not seem to be enough to attract potential buyers to the newcomer. After all, Apple is asking for a price of around 1150 euros, which is dangerously close to the smaller Pro model. Now the manufacturer is reportedly considering re-evaluating the product strategy for the iPhone 15 line-up due next year. Apple apparently wants to stick with the Plus model despite the difficulties.

The iPhone 14 and 14 Plus differ in size and battery capacity.

The iPhone 14 and 14 Plus differ in size and battery capacity.

The information goes back to a contribution by the user yeux1122 on the Naver platform, who has not always hit the mark with his information. His report suggests that Apple may further differentiate the Pro models from the Standard range. Already this year, the manufacturer has started to reserve further exclusive features only for the most expensive iPhones.

In this case, the iPhone 15 Pro series would have even more exclusive features than the standard models. A second strategy would be to correct down the high price of the plus execution. At the same time, this adjustment would inevitably affect the smaller iPhone 15, unless Apple wants to narrow the price gap between the two standard models. It is of course questionable whether such a change will also benefit us in Germany.

In general, it is not the first time that Apple or other smartphone manufacturers are rethinking their product strategy. In the past, the line-up of iPhones has changed continuously and now more smartphones can be seen in the portfolio of the tech giant.

author’s opinion

Iphone 14 | The iPhone 14 Plus worries Apple | apple iphone | patrick schneider 6188618

Patrick Schneider: The iPhone 14 Plus occupies an odd place in Apple’s lineup. With an RRP of 1150 euros, it cracks the 1000 euro mark on the one hand and on the other hand it is not far removed from the Pro model. In contrast to the Plus version, the iPhone 14 Pro has an LTPO display with 120 Hertz, a new display cut-out called Dynamic Island and an always-on display. Also on board: the telephoto lens with a 3x optical zoom.

In general, the iPhone 14 Plus doesn’t really want to fill the gap between the 6.1-inch standard model and the Pro series. The iPhone 13 Mini was placed much more attractively here. It’s an odd choice that reminds me a lot of the new 10th-gen iPad.

In short: I wouldn’t be surprised if Apple reconsiders its product strategy and we see a change next year, whether in terms of price or the specifications of the new iPhones.

Are you toying with the idea of ​​getting the iPhone 14 Plus? Have a look at our test report first:

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What do you think of a change in product strategy? In your opinion, is it necessary anyway or can you even get something out of the Plus model? Write us your opinion in the comments!

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