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Best smartphones under 400 euros: our selection in 2023

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Are you looking for the best mid-range smartphone, less than 400 euros? Here are our recommendations to find the smartphone you need, with the best value for money of the moment.

The top 3 best smartphones under 400 euros

For a smartphone, the price range between 300 and 400 euros is that of the mid-range par excellence. There is usually the best value for money, with little compromise, both in terms of functionality and performance. Indeed, the Best smartphones of the moment, meanwhile, can reach stratospheric prices, which not everyone wants to put …

Choose the right mid-range smartphone, less than 400 euros, however, is not so simple. The references are legion and we must sort the wheat from the chaff. The good news is that we have taken care of it for you and we have selected the best products of the moment.

Can your budget increase a little? So take a look at our guide to Best smartphones under 500 euros. If you also want to see what is done for a hundred euros less, take a look at our Selection of smartphones under 300 euros.

In addition, a refurbished Samsung Galaxy smartphone may also be interesting. And if you’re more of an iOS fan, a Refurbished iPhone is an option to consider.

8 /10

Google Pixel 6a

  • Excellent photo pane

  • Android 13 with Pixel Experience

  • Small size and nice design

  • No fast charging or 90Hz

Available at
337 € on Amazon

The Pixel 6a is originally placed at 459 euros at its release. A year later, it drops very regularly below the 350 euros mark everywhere, which is why we chose to place it in this selection. At this price, suffice to say that it is all the more worth it.

Best smartphones under 400 euros: our selection in 2023 | google pixel 6a
The Google Pixel 6a // Source: Chloé Pertuis – Frandroid

The Pixel 6a takes the well-assumed design of its big brothers, with a horizontal and prominent photo module. We will salute its beautiful 6.1-inch OLED screen, making it a compact phone that fits in the pocket. On the other hand, it will be necessary to be satisfied with 60 Hz. But it compensates with maximum brightness and just color calibration.

What’s in his belly? Let’s say it right away, the Pixel 6a is not a gaming smartphone. It will be an excellent companion on a daily basis, but it is not a lightning of war, the Tensor chip just doing well. It is on the photo that Google’s affordable phone pulls out of the game (no wonder for a Pixel …). It has a main lens of 12.2 megapixels (f / 1.7) and a second, an ultra wide-angle of 12 megapixels (f / 2.2). The AI developed by Google works wonders on most photos, in any situation: portrait mode, night mode, landscapes… It is also capable of filming in 4K.

The autonomy is average, and the fast charge is not really, since it will be necessary to settle for 18 W. But if you want to test the Pixel experience, with a balanced smartphone, this is a great option — the best in this price range. If your budget can go up to 500 euros, also take a look at its successor, the Pixel 7a.

Find our detailed review of the Pixel 6a to learn more.

Where to buy

Google Pixel 6a at the best price?

8 /10

Samsung Galaxy A34

  • Excellent Amoled display

  • Good main sensor

  • Nice and resistant design

Available at
392 € on Amazon

Samsung is putting the package on the mid-range lately, and is doing very well. The Galaxy A34, successor to the A33, is vEndu at a public price of 399 euros, but already benefits from small promotions. It is a very balanced smartphone, which benefits from the Samsung paw, especially on the screen.

Best smartphones under 400 euros: our selection in 2023 | samsung galax a34 6
The Samsung Galaxy A34 // Source: Chloé Pertuis for Frandroid

Particularly well built, it has IP67 certification and a Gorilla Glass 5. The design is reminiscent of the Galaxy S23 and therefore the high-end — a very good point. Another strong point, the screen, which is superb, with a 6.6-inch Super Amoled panel in definition 2340 x 1080 pixels. It is also compatible with a refresh rate up to 120 Hz. With a maximum brightness indicated by the manufacturer is 1000 cd / m², we are on very good.

Being equipped with a MediaTek Dimensity 1080 SoC, the A34 will only fail you on advanced uses. On the interface, we take advantage of the excellent One UI 5.1, based on Android 13.

What about the photo, a crucial point? The model is equipped with no less than three back sensors, including a 48 MP main sensor, as well as a macro sensor that could have been totally dispensed without. If the shots are generally good, the Portrait mode may have some difficulties on clipping.

Finally, on autonomy, it can reach two days and is therefore very comfortable. On the other hand, Samsung is still lagging behind for charging at 25 W, which implies waiting 1h30 to reach 100% …

In conclusion, the Galaxy A34 is a tempting smartphone under 400 euros – especially counting on future price cuts and promotions. With an excellent interface, 4 years of updates, a sober design and a beautiful screen, it defends itself without difficulty in its category. Find his complete test to make up your mind.

Where to buy

Samsung Galaxy A34 at the best price?

8 /10

Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G

  • An OLED touch screen

  • 67W charging

  • Its mastered design

Available at
299 € on SFR

With its new Redmi Note 11, Xiaomi continues to assert its leadership in the mid-range sector. The Pro 5G declination is no exception with a good quality data sheet. However the Xiaomi smartphone is not without flaws.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G
Source: Robin Wycke – Frandroid

As always, the design is mastered. The phone allows easy handling for everyday use. The construction also highlights the beautiful 6.67-inch OLED display. It offers a definition in Full HD + as well as a refresh at 120 Hz. Quite rare services for this price range, but which are welcome.

In terms of internal power, the Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G is powered by a Snapdragon 695 processor associated with 6 GB of RAM. Thanks to this, the phone is able to run any application without the slightest problem. The operation is sublimated by a beautiful autonomy. It has a 5000 mAh battery providing a day and a half of endurance. Fast charging can reach 100% in 40 minutes.

One of the weak points of this smartphone is its MIUI software. We will also regret the absence of Android 12, as well as the slowdowns that come to enamel the use of the phone on a daily basis.

Finally, the camera of the phone is good, even if it can be blamed for a lack of versatility on taking pictures. Overall, it is one of the best smartphones under 400 euros, but the competition on the sector is getting tougher and tougher. Our complete review of the Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G will give you all the necessary keys to understanding before a potential purchase.

Where to buy

Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G at the best price?

And the Redmi Note 12 Pro 5G?

For 2023, Xiaomi has released the successor to the Note 11 Pro, the Note 12 Pro. Offered basic at 399 euros, it collected a 7/10 during our test. We will regret a design not very original and a camera with a somewhat dull rendering. It will thus have a little trouble being noticed against the competition, especially against the Galaxy A34 proposed to the même tariff. We will have to follow its price decreases to see if it will become more interesting in the coming months.

Nevertheless, we encourage you to Read his full test, the Note 12 Pro is still a balanced smartphone that will interest the diehards of Xiaomi.

Where to buy

Xiaomi Redmi Note 12 Pro at the best price?

7 /10

Xiaomi Poco X5 Pro

  • The performance of the Snapdragon 778

  • Its beautiful construction

  • Good endurance

Available at
288 € on Amazon

The catalog of Xiaomi smartphones continues to expand with the arrival of a new model from Poco. In this case, the Poco X5 Pro comes with an attractive technical sheet and a small price. If the shape is quite classic, the phone has a nice plastic back with an elegant color. The slices are flat, which gives it a very modern look.

Best smartphones under 400 euros: our selection in 2023 | poco x5 pro 5g 05
Source: Chloé Pertuis – Frandroid

Xiaomi’s Poco branch is known for its power and gaming orientation. This Poco smartphone under 400 euros has a Snapdragon 778G processor, associated with 8 GB of RAM. This fairly complete configuration makes it possible to run mobile games without the slightest problem. On the other hand, on titles a little more demanding, the heating is a little more felt.

In terms of autonomy, the battery of the Poco X5 Pro has a capacity of 5,000 mAh. You will therefore be entitled to a day and a half of endurance with mixed use. Above all, you will enjoy a nice fast charge with 67 W at the helm. The total recharge is thus done in 50 minutes. Xiaomi’s MIUI software is true to itself and offers a wide range of global customizations.

The screen is a 6.67-inch pOled panel, with an adaptive refresh of 120 Hz. For a smartphone under 400 euros, this is an excellent point, not so common. On the other hand, the photography is still a little random even if the 108 megapixel mode is really appreciable. Overall, it will do quite well if the light conditions are met.

The Xiaomi Poco X5 Pro is available from 349 euros. Our complete test of the phone is available to learn more.

Where to buy

Xiaomi Poco X5 Pro at the best price?

8 /10

Vivo V21

  • A beautiful screen

  • Good performance

  • Excellent autonomy

Available at
179 € on RED by SFR

Little known in our countries (the brand launched at the end of 2020 in France), Vivo is nevertheless one of the new Chinese telephony giants, with nearly 10% of market share worldwide. The Vivo V21 5G comes for its part to tackle the mid-range segment, yet saturated. The model intends to distinguish itself with a particular attention paid to selfies.

Best smartphones under 400 euros: our selection in 2023 | vivo v21 4
Source: Frandroid – Anthony Wonner

On the form, the V21 5G is very classic, but benefits from a good quality of manufacture. It is also IP 52 certified. We would have preferred a real seal, but it’s always good to take. The 6.44-inch screen is “only” refreshed at 90 Hz, where more and more competitors go up to 120 Hz. On the other hand, the colorimetry is excellent, as is the brightness which goes up to 700 cd / m2.

The SoC used is an MTK Dimensity 800 U. Quite uncommon, the chip is slightly less powerful than a Snapdragon 765G and offers a generally smooth experience.

The photo rendering itself is generally good, but with a somewhat dull wide-angle. The double front flash sold as revolutionary for selfies turns out in practice rather gadget. The autonomy of the phone is in the low average, count a day and a half of use on a charge.

If it clearly does not upset the hierarchy of the moment, the Vivo V21 5G is a balanced and solid option in its category. We present it to you in depth dans the Vivo V21 5G review.

Where to buy

Vivo V21 at the best price?

Things to know before buying a mid-range smartphone

Which phone for less than 400 euros to choose in 2023?

It all depends on your needs and preferences. If you prefer photography above all, we advise you to go for the Pixel 6a. If you want a big screen and a phone with the longest possible software tracking, the Samsung Galaxy A34 will be ideal. To play them, Xiaomi’s Poco range is perfect. And to put as few euros as possible, the Note 11 Pro or Note 12 Pro are good options to consider.

What can you do with a smartphone for less than 400 euros?

Between 300 and 400 euros, you will find excellent smartphones that will satisfy most needs without having to break your piggy bank to buy a smartphone premium. They usually make the right compromises to offer an overall pleasant experience, where some smartphones do not hesitate to focus on power or photography, for example – in addition to their other qualities. However, do not expect the most powerful smartphones on the market, nor those with the fastest charging.

What concessions do I have to make at this price?

On this price range, the concessions are there, even if they remain moderate. You can very well find a powerful smartphone, equipped with a beautiful OLED screen and also with good autonomy for less than 400 euros. On the other hand, it will be necessary to ignore certain elements reserved for high-end smartphones, such as wireless charging on the one hand, a certain standing in photo (including the presence of a telephoto lens) and IP68 certification. You will also not have the most resistant windows, nor the high-end design reserved for the Galaxy S23 and other iPhone 14.

What are the trusted brands for mid-range smartphones?

Champions under 400 euros vary more often than on slices more premium, you can’t always trust a brand. It is advisable to refer to regularly updated buying guides, such as this one. That being said, Xiaomi, Google and Samsung are regularly featured in our selections.

Which plan should I choose to save money after buying my smartphone?

Buying a smartphone from this price bracket is an investment. To save money, we recommend that you choose your package by including the non-binding offers of the various French operators. Find the best prices of the moment thanks to our Mobile plan comparator.

Depending on your budget, do not hesitate to consult our guide to Smartphones under 300 euros, our guide to Smartphones under 500 euros or our guide to High-end smartphones.

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