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Apple | MacBook Pro 14 inch: Apple’s new professional notebook in practice | macbook

Presented in California last week, now arrived in Hamburg: the new MacBook Pro. The complex laboratory test by COMPUTER BILD is still running, but the first impressions of Apple’s new top notebook are really good.

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Two sizes again

Like the previous model, the new MacBook Pro comes in two flavors: the larger model sticks with one 16 inch-Display, the little brother’s screen grows up 14 inches – with almost the same dimensions as its 13-inch predecessor. One difference to the old MacBook Pro models: Both variants of the 2021 MacBook Pro can be configured with the same fast hardware. With the predecessors, the extra-strong chips were reserved for the 16-inchers.

More power with M1 Pro and M1 Max

Last year, Apple equipped the first Macs with its own processors. It started with that MacBook Airtwo smaller variants of the MacBook Pro 13 inch and the Mac Mini. They all gained significant speed with the M1 processor. The new MacBook Pro gets even more powerful processors. For the first test, the larger 14-inch variant with the 10 core version of M1 Pro on. Cost point at the time of testing (October 2021): 2749 euros. There is also a smaller model of the M1 Pro with eight cores and models with the M1 Max (see picture below). The ten cores of the M1 Pro are divided into eight particularly powerful and two very economical ones. There are also 16 graphics cores and 16 neural engine cores, which are particularly effective in machine learning. As a storage medium, Apple relies on PC Express SSDs, which are said to transfer up to 7 gigabytes of data per second. As with the test device, at least 16 gigabytes of RAM are available, up to 64 gigabytes (with the M1 Max) are possible, of course for a hefty surcharge.
Apple M1 Pro and M1 Max processor

There are two processor models to choose from for the MacBook Pro: The M1 Max has more graphics cores (up to 32) and allows up to 64 gigabytes of RAM.

A lot of speed

The MacBook Pro gets bored with Office programs. It is only really challenged with performance-hungry software such as Logic Pro (music editing), Cinema 4D (3D model development), Xcode (program and app development) or Final Cut (video editing). For example, who a Music file with almost 1600 audio tracks with Logic Pro, only uses three of the eight CPU cores. During the first test, the MacBook Pro only laid down its arms once: Three power programs (Xcode, Logic Pro and Cinema 4D) with very large projects open at the same time caused the MacBook Pro to run out of memory. In practice, this should hardly be a problem, because the MacBook Pro reacted extremely quickly with only one active software: Most programs start within a second or two, even the giant project in Logic Pro was ready to play in just 15 seconds. And copying a video file larger than 5 gigabytes took less than 3 seconds.

MacBook Pro 2021 New Keyboard

No mini-screen like the predecessor, but function keys again, for example to regulate the screen brightness or volume of the MacBook Pro.

Nice and quiet

While the fans in the previous Intel models often worked quite loudly under full load, the new MacBook Pro runs mostly whisper quiet. On first try, the built-in fans only made one noise – when editing a final-cut project with extremely high resolution (8K video) while the battery was charging (generates additional heat). But even then, the fan noise remained subtle. The reason: The M1 Pro chip gets by with much less power. This also ensures a longer battery life. When trying it out for the first time with maximum screen brightness and performance-hungry apps, the battery was dead after about seven hours intensive use still possible a quarter full. An Intel model would have had to go to the power supply to recharge long ago.

MacBook Pro 2021 notch for the camera

The built-in webcam is now in a notch in the display, just like on current iPhones. macOS uses the space next to it for the menu bar.

Great screen

Not that the displays of the previous models were bad, but the new screen is simply a whole lot better: It offers a higher resolution (3024×1964 pixels instead of 2560×1600), is noticeably brighter again thanks to mini-LED lighting as in the iPad Pro and displays high-contrast photos and videos better – even more details are visible in very bright or particularly dark areas of the image. Just right for viewing and editing photos and videos in HDR.
MacBook Pro 2021 lettering

Chic, but rarely seen: the MacBook Pro lettering milled into the underside.

Better sound

The built-in speakers of the MacBook Pro have also become significantly better. They’re no substitute for large hi-fi speakers, but they deliver excellent sound for video conferencing, streaming or an impromptu kitchen party. Very few notebooks are that good. The larger 16-inch model should sound (slightly) better since it has four woofers (14-inch two).

MacBook Pro 2021 ports on the right

The new MacBook Pro gets more ports: SD card reader, Thunderbolt 4 and HDMI on the right. On the left MagSafe (for the power supply), two Thunderbolt 4 and a headset.

More connections

Two or four USB-C sockets with Thunderbolt and a headset socket were previously the only connections on the MacBook Pro. The new model has three USB-C sockets (with thunderbolt 4) gets to HDMIa card reader for SD memory cards and a separate power supply connector with magnetic security (MagSafe), which charges particularly quickly: the battery is half full after around 30 minutes.

MacBook Pro 2021 ports on the left

No more risk of stumbling: the charging cable attaches magnetically and releases itself when pulled hard.

The MacBook Pro M1 13 inch remains in the range

The MacBook Pro models only replace the previous models with Intel processors. The smaller 13-inch model with an M1 processor remains in the range and thus closes the gap to the MacBook Air M1 (especially in terms of price). Equipment and prices remain unchanged here.

  • Very high work pace
  • Even when playing fast

Apple MacBook Pro: Conclusion of the practice test

The first impression: The new MacBook Pro 14 inch is significantly better than its predecessors: With the fresh M1 Pro processor, it is super fast, quiet and durable. The new display is a feast for the eyes and the sound is really good for a notebook.

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