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Apple | MacBook Pro: That’s why the Apple laptop will come in 2021 without Face ID and touchscreen | macbook

With the new MacBook Pro, Apple has undoubtedly made a difference – the new M1 Pro and M1 Max chips alone give the laptop even more power without having to accept energy losses. And yet there is criticism of the new 14 and 16-inch models: Many complain that the company from Cupertino has still not been able to bring itself to a touchscreen. And according to the critics, Face ID would also have brought many advantages. (Also read: The new MacBook Pro (2021) is here – and it’s even causing astonishment on Twitter)

Mystery solved: Apple managers explain reasons for doing without touchscreen and Co.

In an interview with the “Wall Street Journal”, Apple managers Tom Boger and John Ternus made it clear: Apple has not overslept the current trends, but made a conscious decision against them. Basically, the company is sticking to the idea that the MacBook Pro should differentiate itself from a tablet and retain the distinctive features of a laptop. “We’re making the world’s best touch computers with the iPad,” said Ternus, who works as a senior vice president in Apple’s hardware engineering division. “It’s fully optimized for that, while the Mac is fully optimized for indirect input. We haven’t seen any real reason to change that.”

The fact that Face ID is used in the iPhone and iPad, but not in the MacBook Pro, which was introduced in October 2021, explains Tom Boger, vice president of product marketing for Mac and iPad: “Your hands are when using the MacBook Pro already on the keyboard, so it’s more user-friendly to unlock it with Touch ID.” In principle, however, Apple seems to be keeping the option open of using Face ID in the MacBook Pro in the near future. After all, the latest models have just introduced a notch in which face recognition is also used in the iPhone. (Speaking of: Embarrassing notch problem with the MacBook Pro causes ridicule on the net)


The Apple competition is taking a different approach

Competitor Microsoft has shown itself to be much more flexible for years: A touchscreen is now a matter of course in many laptops and, amusingly, leads some die-hard Windows users to try again and again to operate the display with their fingers on the MacBook. Microsoft has also been using facial recognition since the introduction of Windows Hello. However, the fact that Apple doesn’t want to cannibalize the iPad business is a perfectly understandable reason for not having such features in the future. (also interesting: Windows 11 – You should know these 11 security settings)


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