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Apple will soon present its quarterly figures for the past quarter. Analysts see the company on a continued growth path, but have also identified risk factors.


Apple will deliver figures in a few days: the group will next open its books on October 27th. In the run-up to the quarterly figures, some analysts have already presented forecasts for sales and sales, including the investment bank Cowen. She will come up with an assessment quoted, according to which Apple can expect continued strong sales of premium iPhones and thus a strong quarter. According to the relatively unanimous estimate of many observers, the company could deliver around 51 million iPhones in the third calendar quarter.

The weak iPhone 14 / Plus is a risk

In the fourth calendar quarter, deliveries could be in the range of just over 80 million units. However, Cowen also sees a risk in the form of the iPhone 14 Plus.

Its sales are so weak that Apple reportedly even had to partially stop production, as we did in one earlier notification had reported. Against this background, the forecasts for deliveries have been lowered slightly.

After all, things are going well with the iPad and Mac: Compared to the same period last year, Apple can probably achieve double-digit growth rates, which is also achieved through increasing use of the iPad in the corporate environment. The Mac could increase sales by around 5% for the full year 2022. This forecast coincides with the latest surveys by market researchers you can read more here. They certify Apple’s remarkable ability to grow strongly against the trend in the middle of a veritable growth crisis in the PC market, which is currently experiencing its hardest months since the Corona crisis.


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