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Buy an iPhone 14 or not – given the prices Apple calls for, this is a question that die-hard fans are probably asking themselves. Orientation including practical impressions iPhone 14, iPhone 14Plus, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max are COMPUTER BILD in separate articles – almost all of them already with a test mark! Pre-orders started a few days after the Apple keynote, and the new Apple cell phones have been officially available since September 16, 2022. COMPUTER BILD shows dealers where you can get the iPhone 14 without a contract, as well as bundles from providers and Sparhandy, which come with tariff services and are mathematically worthwhile for one or the other.

You already have a mobile phone contract and are only interested in the bare device? Then Amazon, Saturn & Co. are certainly among the first places to go. In terms of price, it makes no difference which retailer you buy from: Shortly after the start of sales, all of them are based on the recommended retail prices (see table below). Great: The providers take care of the shipping. Attention: Sometimes you have to accept waiting times of up to four weeks for some models. The basic iPhone 14 is in stock.

The network operators had a so-called reservation service in advance. Now the models of the new iPhone 14 series are available. At Telekom you can get the iPhone 14 for 1 euro if you combine it with at least the MagentaMobil M (20 GB data volume, all-network flat rate). The monthly fee is then 89.95 euros. Vodafone even offers the iPhone 14 Pro for 1 euro, for example in combination with the GigaMobil M (30 GB, all-network flat rate). Nice from Vodafone: The connection price is currently waived and with the code “GIGA” the monthly fee drops by another 20 percent. iPhone 14 wanted at O2? No problem! Each model is available from the provider from a device price of 1 euro, plus a connection fee (39.99 euros) and shipping costs (4.99 euros). O2 is currently offering a change bonus of EUR 100 if you bring your phone number with you. At 1&1, the new iPhone is even available for 0 euros – in the higher-quality tariffs even with 5G support.

At Sparhandy the name says it all. The tariff expert puts together various bundles for the launch of the new iPhones, all of which have in common that they are quite attractively priced. For example, the bundles including the O2 contract score with a change bonus of 100 euros. All come with a flat rate for telephony and SMS as well as plenty of data volume – in the bundles with O2 contract even unlimited volume. The seller takes care of the shipping. In addition to the one-time device price (varies), there is also the connection price (always 39.99 euros) – COMPUTER BILD states the sum below. With the exception of the iPhone 14 (which is in stock), Sparhandy currently expects the other models to be available in four to five weeks. The following is a selection of the iPhone 14 bundles at Sparhandy.

The range goes from 999 to 2,099 euros, with the iPhone 14 without a name suffix being the cheapest and the iPhone 14 Pro Max with 1 terabyte being the most expensive. In between are the models 14 Plus and 14 Pro, each in the different memory versions. Details can be found in the following table.


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Instead of iPhone 14: Predecessor on offer

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