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DxOMark has once again performed its infamous camera test on smartphones.

the comparison tests of the website are considered authoritative in the industry. In this year’s run, the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max finished third with the same score of 146.

Honor and Google ahead of the iPhone 14 Pro Max

In front of them are the Honor Magic4 Ultimate and the Google Pixel 7 Pro, each with 147 points. The testers had little to complain about the iPhone cameras, only the ultra wide-angle and telephoto camera lenses were not entirely convincing.

While bokeh looks better on Apple according to DxOMark – and so does video – but the Pixel 7 Pro’s photos are much better in detail. The testers also criticized the somewhat problematic white balance of the Apple smartphone.

Camera differences are not necessarily decisive for purchase

The differences are of course marginal – both devices have excellent cameras. Other factors such as the design, the app selection and the operating system also count when making a purchase.

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