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Iphone 14 | iPhone 14 accident detection floods offices in winter sports areas | apple iphone

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iPhone » Rescuers stressed: iPhone 14 accident detection floods offices in winter sports areas

Iphone 14 | iPhone 14 accident detection floods offices in winter sports areas | apple iphone | Apple iPhone 14 Pro iPhone 14 Pro Max iOS 16 Lock Screen 220907

Apple’s accident detection in the iPhone 14 causes stress for the emergency services. The feature often triggers false alarms in certain situations that are not triggered by an emergency. Nevertheless, the rescuers have to take each case seriously and pursue it – that costs time and nerves.


Apple has built a new feature into the iPhone 14 that can undoubtedly save many lives. She has also done this on various occasions, as we do in previous reports reported. However, there is also a problem with the function: it is not safe from false alarms. It had already been observed before that precisely in ski areas frequent false alarms be triggered, this development can be observed throughout the USA and is intensifying.

Rescue control centers complain about high loads

Accident detection is triggered under various conditions: strong acceleration forces, sudden and severe changes in direction, changes in air pressure caused by deploying airbags and loud noises. When a suspected accident is detected, a loud alarm goes off and a countdown begins. However, skiers often do not notice this if their iPhone is stowed under many layers of clothing and the ambient noise is correspondingly high.

It is also problematic that similar circumstances can prevail when skiing or snowboarding. Rescue control centers in the vicinity of popular ski areas receive up to 20 non-emergency alarm messages every day, which are triggered by an iPhone, according to one US newspaper report. These can be resolved in 30 seconds, but if the iPhone user is unavailable, it can take forever and require immense effort to follow up on the emergency call.

Apple said it is working with emergency services to minimize the number of false positives, but it’s not clear how promising the approach is.


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