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Iphone 14 | iPhone 14 cases: Which cases give you the best protection for your Apple phone | apple iphone

It’s almost a tradition: Whenever Apple presents its latest smartphone at the end of each year, the search for the right accessories begins at the same time. A protective case is probably the top priority for most of us. So that you can choose the right one iPhone 14 case is not too difficult, we will help you in the following and explain what is actually important.

iPhone 14 cases: How to make the right choice

When choosing a suitable iPhone 14 case, several factors are decisive. First of all, you should clarify for which purpose your case should definitely be suitable. Of course, a protective cover not only protects your new Apple cell phone from dust and scratches, which can significantly increase its lifespan. Depending on the model, your iPhone 14 case can also expand the functionality of the device, for example with the cool MagSafe wallet from Apple, which can also serve as a card holder that you attach to the back of your iPhone.

Apropos: The MagSafe technology is also installed in other cases and iPhone cases. A magnet ensures that the case is always in place and doesn’t slide around all the time. You can also use the built-in technology to charge your smartphone using Qi or MagSafe-certified chargers. Induction is used here, so that a cable is no longer required.

Tip: This is what matters when choosing the right cell phone case

Last but not least, the look of the case and the design of your everyday life also play a role. While a chic leather case in a classy brown colorway looks great, it might not be the best choice if you travel a lot or possibly work in an environment where your iPhone is constantly exposed to hazards such as falls or scratches. The stable case made of hard plastic is more suitable here, which may also be waterproof or protect against heat.

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#1 iPhone 14 cases with MagSafe technology

With the MagSafe technology, the iPhone has had a strong magnetic ring that is invisibly built into its back since its twelfth generation. A suitable charger can easily be docked here. With a suitable cover that is thin enough at the appropriate point, the connection can still be guaranteed. Some cases also have their own magnetic rings installed to achieve better compatibility.

It is also possible to connect the magnetic ring to your wallet in order to have cards or banknotes ready to hand on your mobile phone at all times. An example of this is the Case-Mate wallet made of real leather, which not only offers practical protection with a folding mechanism, but also leaves space for up to four money cards or ID cards. But other MagSafe-compatible cases are also available.

#2 Stylish leather sleeves and personalized protective cases

An elegant leather iPhone 14 case can be a good idea if you see your new phone more as a stylish accessory that you take with you to business lunches or private evening events. Here you assume that your phone will not suffer more than a fall from a flat height and scratches are also absorbed by the rather narrow but raised microfibre frame.

Even modern leather cases often offer the advantage of MagSafe technology. In addition, most of them are manufactured using environmentally friendly processes, so you don’t have to feel guilty about buying them. However, if you are looking for even more personalization, individual protective cases from different manufacturers are ideal. Here you have the choice of several patterns and colors and even the possibility to have a message or a name engraved in the case.

#3 Stable protection for extreme situations

Anyone who exposes themselves and their iPhone to particularly daring situations, or simply pursues a physically demanding job, longs for even more protection from their case. This is where the extra tough iPhone 14 cases come in, made of hard plastic, acrylic or durable rubber materials. Such protective cases often offer special features such as water resistance even in deeper waters or an almost indestructible display or camera protection.

The so-called drop test can also guarantee that your iPhone will survive a fall from a great height of several meters undamaged. There are also so-called hybrid cases, which are characterized by reinforced corners, a transparent case and a powerful magnet. An excellent example is the magnetic hybrid case from ESR, but other manufacturers can also convince here.

More iPhone 14 accessories

Of course, in addition to the matching iPhone 14 cases, there are other gadgets that really get the most out of your new Apple cell phone. We will tell you elsewhere which iPhone 14 accessories are particularly suitable.

Sources: own research

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