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Iphone 14 | iPhone 14 competitor? This is what the new Pixel phones can do – NEWSZONE | apple iphone

Google wants to expand its position in the market. Can that work with these two new smartphones?

The Pixel 7 is available from 699 euros and the Pixel 7 Pro from 899 euros. If you order by October 17th, you will receive a smartwatch or in-ear headphones as a gift. New at the start: Face ID, higher quality materials and a brighter, better display than its predecessors. So much for the hard facts. According to tech insiders, Google has only had a small market share among smartphones compared to Apple, Samsung and so on and now wants to change that.

How are the phones different?

Compared to the “normal” Pixel 7, the 7 Pro has an even more powerful camera with a strong zoom and little things like a longer battery life. Overall, the two cell phones have features here that we have known from other providers for a long time anyway. So not really bad innovations A cheaper version of the Pixel should come out next year:

Google Pixel 6Pro (Photo: IMAGO, IMAGO / NurPhoto)

A report contains information about the new Pixel 7 series. Google is also said to be planning a new “Budget Pixel handset”.

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