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Iphone 14 | iPhone 14: Doesn’t Apple believe in the new smartphone? | apple iphone

Apple is apparently planning fewer iPhones for 2022 than expected. The fact that production is being reduced should not only be due to the corona crisis. Experts assume that the iPhone 14 will attract comparatively few buyers.

Even though most countries in the world have now lifted almost all corona restrictions, the industry continues to suffer from a huge backlog. Samsung has already announced that it will reduce production by ten percent. PhoneArena reports that Apple is now also planning to reduce the production of smartphones: compared to last year by two percent.



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iPhone 14: Prepare for moderate improvements

Two percent may not sound like much, but in concrete numbers that means: Instead of the expected 240 million units, Apple apparently only wants to produce 220 million. Market expert Mark Gurman assumes that Apple will also reduce production because the iPhone 14 does not bring any major innovations. Compared to the iPhone 13 (here with a contract), it should look more like an S version, so a small update.

The design, for example, should be almost identical. Although the iPhone 14 rumors indicate that Apple is catching up with the competition and replacing the notch with a punch hole, otherwise neither the shape nor the processing of the case should change. The chipset shouldn’t make a big leap in performance either, since Apple uses the same manufacturing process for the A16 Bionic as for the A15 Bionic.

Only the camera should make a bigger difference. Because it is said to be equipped with a new 48 MP sensor that could make the iPhone 14 one of the best photo phones of 2022.

Progress is reflected in the design

Gurman assumes that the camera alone is not enough to make the iPhone 14 palatable to customers. A fresh design is needed. But that probably won’t happen before 2023.

There have already been various leaks that showed us an iPhone that uses a thicker housing but does not have a camera hump. The buttons and the speaker have also been redesigned here. However, it should be the iPhone 15 and not the iPhone 14. Iphone 14 | iPhone 14: Doesn't Apple believe in the new smartphone? | apple iphone | 595e945a698648da848988c43cebfdf1

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