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Iphone 14 | iPhone 14 – first iPhone without a SIM card? | apple iphone

A smartphone without a SIM card? Is that even possible? Yes, and Apple seems to be considering launching its 2022 models without a SIM card slot. You can find out what is behind the technology and what to think of the rumors here.

The 14th generation iPhones could actually come without a SIM card slot. Instead of the small chip card, Apple could use eSIM technology in the future to get your iPhone 14 online. There have been speculations about this before, but they related to the iPhone 15. Now it seems that Apple could take this step an iPhone generation earlier.

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For industry experts and analysts, it only seems to be a matter of time before Apple does without the small card slot in its iPhones. The company has supported eSIM in its iPhones (here with a contract) in the past, starting with the iPhone XS 2018. The current iPhone 13 models even support dual eSIM. This push of the technology by the American group leaves analysts like Emma Mohr-McClune come to the conclusion that the upcoming iPhone 14 models will herald the transition from classic SIM cards to eSIM.

What is the eSIM anyway?

The abbreviation eSIM stands for “embedded SIM” and describes the successor to the classic plug-in SIM card. It is a permanently installed (“embedded”) chip in the device, on which the profile of your mobile phone provider is stored. With an eSIM, there is little change in handling for you – you can switch between work and private SIM just as easily as before or change your tariff with the provider. The advantage: the slot eliminates a potential weak point on the smartphone and you no longer have to remember whether you need a mini, micro or nano SIM.

Here, the mobile phone manufacturer is dependent on the local mobile phone providers, who have to take this step if they want their customers to be able to use their network without a physical SIM card. Therefore, Apple will probably not suddenly and abruptly do without the small card, but will initiate a gentle change with the upcoming iPhone 14 models. This could look like the iPhone 14 being offered in two variants – one with and one without a SIM card slot, depending on the region and the respective spread and availability of the eSim.

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