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Iphone 14 | iPhone 14 Pro: Noticed? It’s weaker than planned | apple iphone

That iPhone 14 Pro is currently one of the most expensive Apple phones on the market. With the high sales price, of course, there are also corresponding expectations of the technically best product with the most extensive equipment. However, the people at the Californian company know that this promise could not be kept to the extent that it was originally intended, at least in relation to the graphics unit.

iPhone 14 Pro: Apple fails in its own goals to GPU

At least that’s possible with a new one report by The Information. Reference is made to unspecified insider sources that are said to have been related to the development of the iPhone 14 Pro. It states that Apple is planning a quantum leap in technology for the graphics processor (GPU).


However, the undertaking got carried away in a way that had never happened before in the company’s history. In fact, the introduction of new functions was far too ambitious. And that turned out to be a big mistake, which, to top it all off, was only discovered much too late in the development of the new model.

Zu high energy consumption and too hot

In concrete terms, it turned out that early prototypes required much more energy than was previously expected from software simulations. In the end, this would have caused the device to get much too hot and could have had a negative impact on the battery life.

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Since the development of the iPhone 14 Pro was already well advanced at this point, the decision was made to base the graphics unit primarily on that of the previous model. That’s why the new cell phone can only show marginal improvements in this respect.


Among other things, the original concept was intended to enable the display of ray tracing, i.e. the simulation of extremely realistic lighting conditions. The reasons should include personnel changes, since important people had recently left the company. It remains to be seen whether Apple will get the problem under control by the iPhone 15.

Source: The Information

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