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Iphone 14 | Screen protection: tempered glass for the iPhone 14 | apple iphone

It is made of glass and therefore very vulnerable to bumps and hits. We are talking about the display of the smartphone. This is Apple’s new one iPhone 14 no different, even if Apple claims that the glass is particularly durable.


The fact is: if the iPhone falls unfavorably on the floor, a defect in the glass can quickly become apparent, which experience has shown will gradually spread. Especially grit, small stones, but also a hard object lying around are the deadly enemies of the display. If the iPhone doesn’t fall on its back or the edges, most cases won’t help at all because they leave the display free.


Hardened armored glass panes help against falls on the display itself. These are simply glued on and absorb some of the energy that would otherwise have acted on the display itself.

If you also want to protect the housing of your iPhone 14, you will find it an overview compatible sleeves and cases elsewhere.

When it comes to screen protection, we only recommend bulletproof glass films made of hardened glass. There are also normal slides, but these bring almost nothing in comparison. We also have to advise against liquid screen protectors. It keeps scratches off, but it can’t do anything against a bump on the display.

Of course, a tempered glass film does not help against situations in which the iPhone is bent, for example if someone sits on it or falls or the smartphone is even run over.

The tempered glass foils are basically just thin panes of glass – and they break correspondingly quickly. This not only applies to sticking, but also in everyday life. That’s why you should pay attention to the price.

When applying the film, the cell phone must be degreased beforehand. When you hang up directly, you should be meticulous about working in a dust-free environment. Otherwise there are inclusions that cannot be pushed away either. Of course, air bubbles should not form either, but that is usually no longer a problem with the current films.

Safety first. You can hardly see bulletproof glass on the display and good versions also have ground corners so that your fingers do not feel any edge when stroking the foil edges.

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