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Apple | MacBook Pro, Mac Mini & Mac Pro: New Apple M2 chips coming | macbook

After updating the iPad portfolios Apple is said to be planning to launch new MacBook Pro and Mac Mini models in the coming months. The Mac Pro, on the other hand, is scheduled for 2023. Now other experts are commenting on the built-in M2 chips in advance.

In the rumor mill, it’s almost a certainty that Apple With the M2 Pro and M2 Max, the new generation of its most powerful chips will be presented later this year, which are installed in the 14- and 16-inch laptops of the MacBook Pro family, among others. The Mac Mini, on the other hand, should start with the classic Apple M2, which can already be found in the latest MacBook Air (2022), among other things.

More cores, more memory, more power…

As the often well-informed Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman reports in a recently published newsletter, Apple should also think about the Mac Mini to give more performance with an optional M2 Pro chip. Appropriately, the Apple expert gives a prognosis regarding the processor and graphics cores as well as the maximum memory configuration of the new SoCs.

In contrast to those set up in early October expectations Gurman assumes that the Apple M2 Max will have 12 CPU (8 performance / 4 efficiency) and 38 GPU cores and can be combined with up to 64 GB of RAM within the MacBook Pro series. Thus, the M2 Pro with 10 CPU and up to 20 GPU cores would also be an option, even if Gurman does not provide any details on this.

Outlook for the new Mac Pro

However, the expert talks about the new desktop PC Mac Pro, for which completely new processor classes (eg M2 Ultra and Extreme) are being considered. We are talking about 24 and 48 CPU cores as well as 76 and 152 GPU cores with up to 256 GB of RAM. His forecasts are thus slightly below the specifications that have been circulating for a few weeks.

Gurman points out that Apple usually unveils its new Mac lineup in November, January and spring. In the coming months, one should therefore expect various new products, especially with regard to the MacBook Pro and the Mac Mini. On the other hand, Apple could take a little more time to introduce the Mac Pro and possibly update the Mac Studio at the same time.

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Apple, Desktop, Desktop PC, Mac Pro

Apple, Desktop, Desktop PC, Mac Pro
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