Friday, February 23, 2024

Iphone 14 | Rumor: The Apple iPhone 14 will transmit via satellite much earlier than other 5G smartphones via Starlink | apple iphone

Tim Farara satellite communications consultant at Telecom, Media and Finance Associates, is now up Twitter stated that this immature press conference can only serve to announce the feature before Apple. Because the use of the 5G spectrum, which is not intended for this purpose, should result in many regulatory hurdles, not only at the US radio authority FCC, but also internationally.

Apple, on the other hand, uses satellite spectrum that is already available and approved in many regions, while Globalstar announced the purchase of 17 new satellites in February has announced, which are supposed to guarantee a “potential customer” a continuous satellite connection. With this lead, Apple should be able to offer a satellite connection for smartphones long before the competition. The downside to Apple’s approach is that unless Apple invests billions in expanding the satellite network, that connection will be limited to text messaging.

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