Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Iphone 14 | The Dynamic Island of the Apple iPhone 14 Pro houses the best selfie camera of any smartphone, according to DxOMark | apple iphone

The selfie camera gets praise for typically correctly exposing both the face and the background, although extremely high-contrast backgrounds can still lead to overexposure. The white balance works precisely, both light and dark skin tones are usually displayed correctly. However, there are some situations in which images are recorded too warm, which negatively affects the representation of skin tones.

The autofocus makes it possible to focus sharply on everyone, even with a selfie stick or group selfies. Until now, iPhones have always had selfie cameras with a fixed focus, so people outside of the focused area were inevitably less sharp. The Face ID module helps create the best bokeh simulation DxOMark has ever tested – object edges are detected correctly, depth of field gradients are realistic, and even foreground objects can be blurred.

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