Thursday, December 8, 2022

Iphone 14 | The iPhone 14 is here! The best deals at o2 | apple iphone

In addition to the new features, what is of course still of great interest is the price. In the smallest and simplest version, the iPhone 14 already costs 999 euros, for the iPhone Pro Max Apple fans even have to pay at least 1,449 euros. With a tariff of o2 a suitable tariff you can get the devices for only 1 euro.

The tariff itself is the popular o2 Grow, which includes a Germany-wide telephone and SMS flat rate as well as 5G speed and EU roaming as well as 40 GB of monthly data volume. The highlight: you get 10 GB per year on top of that. After the minimum term of 36 months, you can already surf with 70 GB per month.

By the way: If you switch from a provider and keep your old phone number, receives a change bonus of a whopping 100 euros!


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